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Digital Security Guard provides realtime, live monitoring of your security cameras. We do this remotely from our location in South Florida. All monitoring is done by licensed and highly trained security guards. Our security guards are trained to react to events as they occur. They can contact your local authorities and possibly stop crime before it even happens. Digital Security Guard also emails event reports to you in real time. Why wait for the alarm to go off (if it goes off) and have the authorities show up after the crime occurred? Imagine having your own on-site security guard, there at your front door, only better and for a fraction of the cost. Instead of having an on-site security guard that can only be in one place at a time, our security guards can see everything at once. They can monitor the inside, outside, front and back of your facility, all at the same time. We can provide additional services like two way audio, employee supervision, monitor open and closing of your business and even remote access control.

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Our Services

All video monitoring is done from our secure facility which is equipped with a back-up generator and redundant network connections. We can provide video monitoring services according to your schedule. Think about the possibilities.

Live Video Monitoring
Replace your current on-site security guard with our Digital Security Guard

An on site security guard is the first target of intruders. They will incapacitate your on-site security guard. They cannot incapacitate our Digital Security Guard. Digital Security Guard can notify the local police of a crime in progress even if you cannot. Just displaying signs indicating that the location is being monitored live by DigitalSecurityGuard.com will be a strong crime deterrent.
An on-site security guard can only be in one place at a time. Digital Security Guard can see everything at once.
Digital Security Guard will cost much less than an on-site security guard and will be more efficient.

Access Control
Use Digital Security Guard to allow or Deny access to your community or business access control

Why pay an on-site security guard to handle your community gate access control when our Digital Security Guard can do it for less?
We can set up a security camera with two way voice and remote triggering of your access control. Our remote video security guards can verify the identity of the visitor and either allow or deny access remotely.

Cut expenses by using Digital Security Guard during slower hours like from 9pm – 5am at night. Our Digital Security Guard will only cost a fraction of your on-site security guards.

Parking Lot Security
Use Remote video monitoring to provide escorts for employees going out to their cars.

Schedule Digital Security Guard during business closing hours to monitor your employees as they leave at the end of the day. You can schedule video monitoring for 1 hour each business day.

Parking Lot Security
Provide peace of mind for your customers while in your parking lot.

Store parking lots are high value targets for criminals. Provide peace of mind for your customers when display signs that say, “This are is being monitored live by DigitalSecurityGuard.com”

Home Surveillance
Monitor your homes exterior cameras at night while you sleep.

Think about the peace of mind of knowing that Digital Security Guard is watching over the outside of your home while you and your family are sleeping. Digital Security Guard can call you in the event that an intruder walks on to your property, before he actually gets in. Digital Security Guard can also contact the local police and provide them with intelligence as they arrive to apprehend the intruder.

Employee Monitoring
Watch over your employees while you are not there.

Think about the effect it will have on your employees actions and your business when you inform them that the premises are being monitored live by Digital Security guard. We can react to events according to your directions and we provide incident reports for all events we monitor.